gluster-setgfid2path - Man Page

Gluster tool to set GFID to Path xattrs


gluster-setgfid2path file


New feature introduced with Gluster release 3.12, to find full path from GFID. This feature can be enabled using Volume set command gluster volume set <VOLUME> storage.gfid2path enable

Once gfid2path feature is enabled, it starts recording the necessary xattrs required for the feature. But it will not add xattrs for the already existing files. This tool provides facility to update the gfid2path xattrs for the given file path.


To add xattrs of a single file,

    gluster-setgfid2path /bricks/b1/hello.txt

To set xattr for all the existing files, run the below script on each bricks.

    find $BRICK -type d \( -path "${BRICK}/.trashcan" -o -path \
        "${BRICK}/.glusterfs" \) -prune -o -type f \
        -exec gluster-setgfid2path {} \;

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