glite-lb-setup man page

glite-lb-setup ā€” script for setting up L&B services


glite-lb-setup [Options] [ACTION...]


The glite-lb-setup script sets up the L&B server based on environment and sourced files. The setup process is divided into individual Actions.


-q, --quiet

Print only errors.

-c, --check

Check database availability (check if setup has been already performed). In case there are no other Actions listed, no default actions are performed and glite-lb-setup will exit immediately with return code 0 (if database exists) or 1 (in other cases).

-l, --list

List Actions to be executed and exit. This option can be used to view and/or select actions to be performed during setup. For example, the following pair of commands lists available actions and runs the setup omitting BDII:

glite-lb-setup --list
glite-lb-setup `glite-lb-setup --list | sed 's/bdii//'`

-h, --help

Display help.


ACTIONS are individual tasks or groups of tasks to be performed during setup.

all (group)

All default actions. If no action is listed in the command line, this one will be performed.

none (group)

No action.

yaim (group)

Actions to be run when launching setup from within the YAIM configurator. Some regular actions (like BDII or CRL) are already covered by YAIM, so they are not performed.

logger (group)

Only actions needed to set up and L&B logger will be performed. This action consists in setting up certificates, messaging, and running the update action.

upgrade (group)

All upgrade actions (remove various obsolete files, ...).

emir (group)

Publish L&B service info to EMIR - complete setup. Provides service info for L&B (emir_info action) and setup and launch emir-serp daemon (emir_daemon action).


Checks MySQL, enables MySQL configuration for L&B, sets up the database with grants if it doesn't exist and creates indices. Migrates DB from L&B version 3.x if necessary. MySQL server startup is handled in startup, if enabled.


Checks and copies host certificates for L&B services.


Configures EMI Messaging using the glite-lb-msg-config utility.


Creates file /etc/glite-lb/glite-lb-authz.conf based on all of the following configuration variables: type of L&B node ($GLITE_LB_TYPE), service DNs ($GLITE_LB_WMS_DN, $GLITE_LB_SUPER_USERS, $GLITE_LB_RTM_DN) and fine-tuning variables $GLITE_LB_AUTHZ_*.


If enabled ($GLITE_LB_HARVESTER_ENABLED), L&B harvester will be set up and launched. It will be configured to gather notifications from local L&B server.


Sets up the BDII service and gLite info provider wrappers for L&B. BDII service startup is handled in startup, if enabled.

Packages bdii, sudo, and glite-info-provider-service must be intalled for this action to take effect.


Creates service info file for L&B.

Package emir-serp must be installed for this action to take effect.


Sets up emir-serp daemon.

Package emir-serp must be installed and $EMIR_URL must be specified for this action to take effect.


Remove old obsolete files (upgrade from L&B <= 3.1.1).


Move L&B logger event files, if needed (upgrade from L&B <= 4.0.1).


Move L&B notification event files, if needed (upgrade from L&B >= 4.0.1).


Move L&B proxy event files, if needed (upgrade from L&B >= 4.0.1).


Check the log4c config file used by L&B and fix it if necessary.


Sets up fetch-crl to fetch CRLs automatically.


Sets up automatic startup of all enabled daemons after boot.

krb (run only when GLITE_GSS_MECH=krb5)

Sets up Kerberos ticket and credential cache files for L&B.

Requires L&B built with Kerberos support.

krbgsi (not run by default)

Sets up Kerberos and enables GSI authentication.

Requires L&B built with Kerberos support and modified Globus and Kerberos libraries. Tested only with Heimdal implementation of Kerberos.


/etc/profile.d/ Environment variables for setup and startup scripts. Used for interoperability with the YAIM configurator.

/etc/sysconfig/glite-lb Environment variables for setup and startup scripts in RedHat-like distributions (RedHat, Scientific Linux, Fedora, ...).

/etc/default/glite-lb Environment variables for setup and startup scripts in Debian.


See L&B Admin Guide, chapter 2.3.2 "Standard Installation."


Set up an L&B server running in the combined proxy and server ("BOTH") mode in Scientific Linux, granting WMS-specific permissions to the given gLite WMS instance:

cat >> /etc/sysconfig/glite-lb <<EOF
Ā  "/C=UG/L=Tropic/O=Utopia/OU=Relaxation/"

mysqladmin -u root password [Edited]
MYSQL_PASSWORD=[Edited] glite-lb-setup


Please report all bugs to CESNET gLite L&B issue tracker available at

See Also

yaim(1) glite-lb-bkindex(8) glite-lb-bkserverd(8) glite-lb-interlogd(8) glite-lb-logd(8) glite-lb-harvester(8)


L&B Product Team, JRA1, EMI.


19 November 2012 EMI Project