ganesha-rgw-config - Man Page

NFS Ganesha RGW Configuration File




NFS-Ganesha install two config examples for RGW FSAL:


This file lists RGW specific config options.

Export { }

RGW supports exporting both the buckets and filesystem.

Export { Fsal {} }

Name(string, "RGW")

Name of FSAL should always be RGW.

User_Id(string, no default)

Access_Key(string, no default)

Secret_Access_Key(string, no default)

RGW {}

The following configuration variables customize the startup of the FSAL's radosgw instance.


optional full-path to the Ceph configuration file (equivalent to passing "-c /path/to/ceph.conf" to any Ceph binary


optional instance name (equivalent to passing "--name client.rgw.foohost" to the radosgw binary);  the value provided here should be the same as the section name (sans brackets) of the radosgw facility in the Ceph configuration file (which must exist)


optional cluster name (equivalent to passing "--cluster foo" to any Ceph binary);  use of a non-default value for cluster name is uncommon, but can be verified by examining the startup options of Ceph binaries


additional argument strings which will be passed verbatim to the radosgw instance startup process as if they had been given on the radosgw command line provided for customization in uncommon setups

See Also

ganesha-log-config(8) ganesha-core-config(8) ganesha-export-config(8)

Referenced By

ganesha-config(8), ganesha-export-config(8).

Feb 08, 2024 NFS-Ganesha