ganesha-gluster-config man page

ganesha-gluster-config ā€” NFS Ganesha Gluster Configuration File




NFS-Ganesha install the following config file for Gluster FSAL: | /etc/ganesha/gluster.conf

This file lists Gluster specific config options.

Export { Fsal {} }

Name(string, GLUSTER )

Name of FSAL should always be GLUSTER.

volume(string, no default, required)

hostname(string, no default, required)

volpath(path, default "/")

glfs_log(path, default "/tmp/gfapi.log")

up_poll_usec(uint64, range 1 to 60*1000*1000, default 10)

enable_upcall(bool, default true)

transport(enum, values [tcp, rdma], default tcp)

Gluster {}

PNFS_MDS(bool, default FALSE)

Set this parameter to true to select this node as MDS

See Also

ganesha-log-config(8) ganesha-core-config(8) ganesha-export-config(8)

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Jul 17, 2018 NFS-Ganesha