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ganesha-ceph-config - Man Page

NFS Ganesha CEPH Configuration File




NFS-Ganesha install config example for CEPH FSAL: | /etc/ganesha/ceph.conf

This file lists CEPH specific config options.

Export { Fsal {} }

Name(string, "Ceph")

Name of FSAL should always be Ceph.

Filesystem(string, no default)

Ceph filesystem name string, for mounting an alternate filesystem within the cluster. The default is to mount the default filesystem in the cluster (usually, the first one created).

User_Id(string, no default)

cephx userid used to open the MDS session. This string is what gets appended to "client.". If not set, the ceph client libs will sort this out based on ceph configuration.

Secret_Access_Key(string, no default)

Key to use for the session (if any). If not set, then it uses the normal search path for cephx keyring files to find a key.

sec_label_xattr(char, default "security.selinux xattr of the file")

Enable NFSv4.2 security label attribute. Ganesha supports "Limited Server Mode" as detailed in RFC 7204. Note that not all FSALs support security labels.

cmount_path(string, no default)

If specified, the path within the ceph filesystem to mount this export on. It is allowed to be any complete path hierarchy between / and the EXPORT {path}. (i.e. if EXPORT { Path } parameter is /foo/bar then cmount_path could be /, /foo or /foo/bar).

If this and the other EXPORT { FSAL {} } options are the same between multiple exports, those exports will share a single cephfs client. With the default, this effectively defaults to the same path as EXPORT { Path }.

Ceph {}

Ceph_Conf(path, default "")

umask(mode, range 0 to 0777, default 0)

See Also

ganesha-config(8) ganesha-log-config(8) ganesha-core-config(8) ganesha-export-config(8)

Referenced By

ganesha-config(8), ganesha-export-config(8).

Jun 07, 2024 NFS-Ganesha