ganesha-cache-config - Man Page

NFS Ganesha Cache Configuration File




NFS-Ganesha reads the configuration data from: | /etc/ganesha/ganesha.conf

This file lists NFS-Ganesha Cache config options.

Mdcache {}

NParts (uint32, range 1 to 32633, default 7)

Partitions in the MDCACHE tree.

Cache_Size(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 32633)

Per-partition hash table size.

Use_Getattr_Directory_Invalidation(bool, default false)

Use getattr for directory invalidation.

Dir_Chunk(uint32, range 0 to UINT32_MAX, default 128)

Size of per-directory dirent cache chunks, 0 means directory chunking is not enabled. Dir_Chunk should always be enabled. Most FSAL modules especially FSAL_RGW/FSAL_GLUSTER need it to make readdir work well.

Detached_Mult(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 1)

Max number of detached directory entries expressed as a multiple of the chunk size.

Entries_HWMark(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 100000)

The point at which object cache entries will start being reused.

Entries_Release_Size(uint32, range 0 to UINT32_MAX, default 100)

The number of entries attempted to release each time when the handle cache has exceeded the entries high water mark.

Chunks_HWMark(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 1000)

The point at which dirent cache chunks will start being reused.

Chunks_LWMark(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 1000)

The target for reaping dirent cache chunks to drain the cache.

Entries_HWMark, Dir_Chunk, Chunks_HWMark, Chunks_LWMark all play together. While a dirent chunk is cached, the object cache entries that are part of that dirent chunk will be retained in the cache indefinitely. Note that this means that possibly Chunks_LWMark * Dir_Chunk entries will be retained. If this is larger than Entries_HWMark, then the object cache may end up remaining above Entries_HWMark for a significant time. Consider the average size of the directories and the number of directories desired to be maintained in the cache and set Chunks_LWMark appropriately.

Note that the Chunks_LWMark defaults to the same value as Chunks_HWMark and these are set to 1/100 of Entries_HWMark suggesting an average directory size of 100. It may be desirable to set Chunks_LWMark less than Chunks_HWMark if it is desirable to allow large directory chunks to not immediately be re-used, but it is desirable to in the short term drain the dirent cache down to a smaller number.

LRU_Run_Interval(uint32, range 1 to 24 * 3600, default 90)

Base interval in seconds between runs of the LRU cleaner thread.

Cache_FDs(bool, true)

If "Cache_FDs" is set to false, the reaper thread aggressively closes FDs , significantly reducing the number of open FDs. This will help to maintain a minimal number of open FDs.

If "Cache_FDs" is set to true (default), FDs are cached, and the LRU reaper thread closes FDs only when the current open FD count reaches or exceeds the "fds_lowat" threshold.

FD_Limit_Percent(uint32, range 0 to 100, default 99)

The percentage of the system-imposed maximum of file descriptors at which Ganesha will deny requests.

FD_HWMark_Percent(uint32, range 0 to 100, default 90)

The percentage of the system-imposed maximum of file descriptors above which Ganesha will make greater efforts at reaping.

FD_LWMark_Percent(uint32, range 0 to 100, default 50)

The percentage of the system-imposed maximum of file descriptors below which Ganesha will not reap file descriptors.

Reaper_Work(uint32, range 1 to 2000, default 0)

Roughly, the amount of work to do on each pass through the thread under normal conditions.  (Ideally, a multiple of the number of lanes.)  This setting is deprecated.  Please use Reaper_Work_Per_Lane

Reaper_Work_Per_Lane(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 50)

This is the number of handles per lane to scan when performing LRU maintenance.  This task is performed by the Reaper thread.

Biggest_Window(uint32, range 1 to 100, default 40)

The largest window (as a percentage of the system-imposed limit on FDs) of work that we will do in extremis.

Required_Progress(uint32, range 1 to 50, default 5)

Percentage of progress toward the high water mark required in in a pass through the thread when in extremis

Futility_Count(uint32, range 1 to 50, default 8)

Number of failures to approach the high watermark before we disable caching, when in extremis.

Dirmap_HWMark(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 10000)

The point at which dirmap entries are reused.  This puts a practical limit on the number of simultaneous readdirs that may be in progress on an export for a whence-is-name FSAL (currently only FSAL_RGW)

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Mar 15, 2024 NFS-Ganesha