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fstransform - Man Page

manual page for fstransform 0.9.4




Transform file system inside DEVICE to NEW-FILE-SYSTEM-TYPE, preserving its contents and without need for backup



set external command CMD-NAME to use. default: autodetect

also transform untested file systems (DANGEROUS)

list file systems supported as source and exit


list file systems supported as target and exit


override loop-file path


override loop-file mount point


set new file system length. default: device length


override current (old) file system type autodetection required for 'ntfs' file system


pass OPTS as additional options to 'fsmove'


pass OPTS as additional options to 'fsremap'


pass OPTS as options to 'mkfs'. default: '-q'


override 'fsck' options for old file system. default: '-p -f'


override 'fsck' options for new file system. default: '-p -f'


show current time before each message. default: yes


use EXPERIMENTAL files preallocation. default: no

|no|on-error] whether to ask questions interactively. default: on-error

create zero-file, fsremap will do a reversible transformation default: no


set internal, undocumented option. For maintainers only.


override zero-file path


display this help and exit


output version information and exit


January 2024 fstransform 0.9.4 System Administration Utilities