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fsremap - Man Page

manual page for fsremap 0.9.4


fsremap [OPTION]... --resume-job=JOB_ID DEVICE


Replace the contents of DEVICE with the contents of LOOP-FILE, i.e. write LOOP-FILE onto DEVICE even if LOOP-FILE is inside a file system _inside_ DEVICE

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.


end of options. treat subsequent parameters as arguments even if they start with '-'

-a,  --no-questions

automatic run: do not ask any question


clear all free blocks after remapping (default)


(DANGEROUS) clear only overwritten free blocks after remapping


(DANGEROUS) do not clear any free blocks after remapping


command to unmount DEVICE (default: /bin/umount)

--cmd-losetup=CMD 'losetup' command (default: /sbin/losetup)


set messages color. MODE is one of: auto (default), none, ansi


set device mount point (needed by --io=prealloc)

-f,  --force-run

continue even if some sanity checks fail

-i,  --interactive

ask confirmation after analysis, before actual work


use posix I/O (default)


use posix I/O with EXPERIMENTAL preallocated files


perform in-memory self-test with random data




loop device to disconnect (needed by --io=prealloc)


set loop file mount point (needed by --io=prealloc)

-m,  --mem-buffer=RAM_SIZE[k|M|G|T|P|E|Z|Y]

set RAM buffer size (default: autodetect)

-n,  --no-action,  --simulate-run

do not actually read or write any disk block


set interactive mode. MODE is one of: no: never ask questions, abort on errors (default) yes: ask questions in case of user-fixable errors extra: also ask confirmation before dangerous steps

-q,  --quiet

be quiet, print less output


be very quiet, only print warnings or errors


resume the interrupted job NUM. The only non-option argument must be DEVICE. Do _not_ pass LOOP-FILE as argument, or you will LOSE YOUR DATA!

-s,  --secondary-storage=SECONDARY_SIZE[k|M|G|T|P|E|Z|Y]

set secondary storage file length (default: autodetect)

-t,  --temp-dir=DIR

write storage and log files inside DIR (default: /var/tmp/fstransform)


show full-text progress on tty device TTY

-v,  --verbose

be verbose


be very verbose


be incredibly verbose (warning: prints lots of output)

-xp,  --exact-primary-storage=PRIMARY_SIZE[k|M|G|T|P|E|Z|Y]

set _exact_ primary storage length, or fail

(default: autodetect)

-xs,  --exact-secondary-storage=SECONDARY_SIZE[k|M|G|T|P|E|Z|Y]

set _exact_ secondary storage length, or fail

(default: autodetect)


set internal, undocumented option. for maintainers only


display this help and exit


output version information and exit


January 2024 fsremap 0.9.4 System Administration Utilities