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fsmove - Man Page

manual page for fsmove 0.9.4


fsmove [OPTION]... SOURCE TARGET [--exclude FILE...]


Recursively move files and folders from SOURCE to TARGET, even if SOURCE and TARGET are almost full or share their free space (for example if TARGET is a file system inside a loop-file _inside_ SOURCE)

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.


end of options. treat subsequent parameters as arguments even if they start with '-'

-e,  --exclude FILE... skip these files, i.e. do not move them.

must be last argument

-f,  --force-run

run even if some safety checks fail


use POSIX I/O and move files (default)


use POSIX I/O and preallocate files (do NOT move them)

--inode-cache-mem use in-memory inode cache (default)

--inode-cache=DIR create and use directory DIR for inode cache


set messages color. MODE is one of:                          auto (default), none, ansi


set messages format. FMT is one of: msg (default), level_msg, time_level_msg, time_level_function_msg

-n,  --no-action,  --simulate-run

do not actually move any file or directory

-q,  --quiet

be quiet


be very quiet, only print warnings or errors

-v,  --verbose

be verbose, print what is being done


be very verbose, print a lot of detailed output


be incredibly verbose (warning: prints LOTS of output)


display this help and exit


output version information and exit


January 2024 fsmove 0.9.4 System Administration Utilities