fsck.exfat - Man Page

check an exFAT filesystem


fsck.exfat [ -a ] [ -n ] [ -r ] [ -v ] [ -y ] [ -v ] device
fsck.exfat -V


fsck.exfat checks an exFAT filesystem and repairs the filesystem depending on the options passed.



This  option  does  the same thing as the -p option.  It is provided for backwards compatibility only;  it  is  suggested  that people use -p option whenever possible.


Check the filesystem but do not attempt to repair the filesystem.


Repair the filesystem without user interaction if it can be done safely.


Repair the filesystem interactively.


Prints verbose debugging information while checking the exFAT filesystem.


Prints the version number and exits.


Repair the filesystem answering yes to all questions.

See Also

fsck(8), fstab(5),