freshclam_selinux - Man Page

Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the freshclam processes


freshclam_t SELinux domain type is now associated with antivirus domain type (antivirus_t).

Please see


man page for more details.


semanage fcontext can also be used to manipulate default file context mappings.

semanage permissive can also be used to manipulate whether or not a process type is permissive.

semanage module can also be used to enable/disable/install/remove policy modules.

system-config-selinux is a GUI tool available to customize SELinux policy settings.


This manual page was auto-generated using sepolicy manpage .

See Also

selinux(8), antivirus(8), semanage(8), restorecon(8), chcon(1), sepolicy(8)


24-04-09 SELinux Policy freshclam