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foomatic-addpjloptions - Man Page

Format PJL option information the for foomatic database


foomatic-addpjloptions [-dafis][-o dir] -p printer_ID [pjl_info_file]

foomatic-addpjloptions [-dafq] [pjl_info_file]

foomatic-addpjloptions -h


foomatic-addpjloptions formats the PJL information file (or STDIN) into a format usable by the Foomatic database.



Convert all PJL options in the information file.


Enable debugging information.


Do not ask for permission, force conversion.


Print a help message and exit.


Print a summary of the PJL information.  This output is not compatible with the foomatic database, and is useful for debugging.


Produce a single option file containing all the option values.

-o dir

The directory the option information files are written to.

-p printer_ID

Name of the printer in the foomatic database. This is used to extract printer manufacturer and model information.


File with PJL information returned by the printer. If this filename is not provided, the PJL options are taken from standard input.



Template files for option information.


Option information stored in this directory.

Exit Status

foomatic-addpjloptions returns 0 on success, and a nonzero value on failure.


Manfred Wassmann <manolo@NCC-1701.B.Shuttle.de> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.

Modified by Patrick Powell (<papowell at astart.com>).


Please post bug reports on



2001-05-07 Foomatic Project