foghorn man page

foghorn — D-Bus to SNMP daemon


foghorn [-v|--verbose] [-d|--debug]


The foghorn daemon listens for specific signals on the D-Bus system message bus and translates those signals into SNMPv2 traps. The foghorn daemon runs as an SNMP AgentX subagent, and therefore snmpd must be configured as an AgentX master agent. See snmpd.conf(8) for more information.

Traps currently exist for cluster quorum and membership transitions (from corosync), fencing results (from fenced), and cluster service state changes (from rgmanager).


-d, --debug

Debugging mode.  This causes foghorn to stay in the foreground (i.e. not fork) and log all output to stderr instead of syslog.

-v, --verbose

This increases the logging verbosity of foghorn. All messages are logged via syslog unless the --debug option is specified.


The foghorn daemon was written by Ryan O'Hara <>

See Also

dbus-daemon(1), corosync(8), rgmanager(8), fenced(8), snmpd(8), snmpd.conf(5)

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