fipshmac man page

fipshmac ā€” create FIPS-140-2 validation checksum files


fipshmac [-d <directory>] file1 [file2 ...]


fipshmac will create FIPS-140-2 checksum files for all the filenames specified. If the -d option is not specified, checksum files will be written in the same directory as the file being checksummed. It will prepend a '.' and append '.hmac' to the original file name. When a directory is specified with the -d option, the '.' will not be prepended and the files are stored into the directory.

If invoked correctly the fipshmac command will not print anything to the standard output or error. Otherwise it will print an error message to stderr.

The -s option allows to specify the suffix of the hmac file names. The default value .hmac is used when this option is not specified.

Return Codes

fipscheck can return the following return codes:

0 OK

2 Missing filename

3 Cannot open the checksum file for writing

4 Cannot read the file to be checksummed, or the checksum computation failed

5 Memory allocation error

6,7 Cannot write to the checksum file

See Also

fipscheck(8), fipscheck.h(3),


Tomas Mraz <>.

Man page by Paul Wouters <>

Referenced By

fipscheck(8), FIPSCHECK_verify(3).

April 11, 2012 fipscheck