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fedora-upgrade - Man Page

tool to guide you with upgrade of Fedora to next major version using dnf.


fedora-upgrade [--help] [--tmpfs=SIZE] [--upgrade-to=VERSION]


Script fedora-upgrade tries to automate steps needed for dnf-upgrade from one major version to next one.

Steps which fedora-upgrade does:

--tmpfs=SIZE - When performing online upgrade and you have small /var/cache/dnf then this option will mount /var/cache/dnf as tmpfs with specified size. The SIZE can be anything what accepts mount command. E.g. "3G". The mount point is unmounted when dnf finishes.

-u=VERSION, --upgrade-to=VERSION - By default fedora-upgrade upgrade to next version. I.e. from 29 to 30. You can specify to which version you are going to upgrade and upgrade from 28 to 30. Be warned that this is hardly tested and there can be some issues. The VERSION is a number or string "rawhide".

See Also

dnf(8), rpmconf(8), fedora-remove-old-gpg-keys(8) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upgrading_Fedora_using_package_manager


If you experience some problem, please report it at: https://github.com/xsuchy/fedora-upgrade/issues


Miroslav Suchý <msuchy@redhat.com>

Referenced By

fedora-remove-old-gpg-keys(8), remove-retired-packages(8).

03/24/2024 Fedora Upgrade