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faxcron.8c - Man Page

HylaFAX routine maintenance script


/usr/sbin/faxcron [ -n ] [ -l lastrun ]


faxcron is a command script that does routine upkeep tasks in a HylaFAX spooling directory hierarchy. This script is intended to be invoked from cron(8C) on behalf of the fax user (often the “fax” user is uucp) once a day, with the standard output sent by mail to the HylaFAX administrator. For example, the following crontab might be set up for the fax user:

    25   23    *    *    *   sh /usr/sbin/faxcron | mail FaxMaster

The faxcron script does the following work:



Forces faxcron to run without updating any files.

-l lastrun

Forces the notion of the last time that faxcron was run to be lastrun. The value of lastrun is a date and time string of the form “MM/DD/YY HH:MM” (the date(1) format string “%D %H:%M”).

-q spool

Specify the location of the HylaFAX spool directory.

-info n

Set the expiration time for data in the info database to be n days.

-log n

Set the expiration time for session log data to be n days.

-rcv n

Set the expiration time for files in the received facsimile queue to be n days.

-tmp n

Set the expiration time for files in the tmp directory to be n days.

-mode m

Set the file protection mode for session logs to m (a command line argument to chmod(1)).


This script requires nawk(1) or gawk(1) and a date (1) program that supports the “+format” option.

If session logs are to be kept private this script must be modified to filter out sensitive information such as calling card numbers. (It should also be run with “-mode 0600” so that session log files are not publicly readable.)


/var/spool/hylafaxspooling area
/var/spool/hylafax/etc/lastruntimestamp of last run
/usr/sbin/xferfaxstatsfor generating transmit statistics
/usr/sbin/recvstatsfor generating receive statistics
/var/spool/hylafax/tmp/faxcronXXXXtemporary file for truncating session logs
/var/spool/hylafax/tmp/faxlogXXXXtemporary file for logs of failed calls

See Also

cron(8C), faxq(8C), faxgetty(8C), faxsend(8C), xferfaxstats(8C), recvstats(8C), hylafax-server(5F)


May 12, 1996