faxadduser.8c man page

faxadduser — add a fax user to the permissions file


/usr/sbin/faxadduser [ -a admin-password ] [ -f permissions file ] [ -h host name ] [ -p password ] [ -u uid ] username


faxadduser creates a new user for HylaFAX services, updating appropriate permission files (see hosts.hfaxd(5F)). Note that users may also be added through the “SITE ADDUSER” feature from an administrative client. However, faxadduser works with the hosts.hfaxd(5F)) file directly and does not operate as an administrative client.


The following options are available:

-a admin-password
Password for the user to gain admin privileges.
Add new user records at bottom of hosts.hfaxd file instead of at the top.
-f permissions-file
Use a permissions file other than the default.
-h host name
Authenticate user from this host only.
-p password
Password for the user to access fax services.
-u user-id
User id number for user.

See Also

faxdeluser(8C), hosts.hfaxd(5F),


Aug 10, 1999