fake_router26 - Man Page


fake_router26 [-E type] [-A network/prefix] [-R network/prefix] [-D dns-server] [-s sourceip] [-S sourcemac] [-ardl seconds] [-Tt ms] [-n no] [-i interval] interface [target]


 -A network/prefix  add autoconfiguration network (up to 16 times)
 -a seconds         valid lifetime of prefix -A (defaults to 99999)
 -R network/prefix  add a route entry (up to 16 times)
 -r seconds         route entry lifetime of -R (defaults to 4096)
 -D dns-server      specify a DNS server (up to 16 times)
 -L searchlist      specify the DNS domain search list, separate entries with ,
 -d seconds         dns entry lifetime of -D (defaults to 4096
 -M mtu             the MTU to send, defaults to the interface setting
 -s sourceip        the source ip of the router, defaults to your link local
 -S sourcemac       the source mac of the router, defaults to your interface
 -f ethernetmac     the ethernet mac address to use to send the frames
 -l seconds         router lifetime (defaults to 2048)
 -T ms              reachable timer (defaults to 0)
 -t ms              retrans timer (defaults to 0)
 -p priority        priority "low", "medium", "high" (default), "reserved"
 -F flags           Set one or more of the following flags: managed, other,
                    homeagent, proxy, reserved; separate by comma
 -E type            Router Advertisement Guard Evasion option. Types: 
     F              full evasion (Windows and FreeBSD)
     H              simple hop-by-hop header
     1              simple one-shot fragmentation header (can add multiple)
     D              insert a large destination header so that it fragments
     O              overlapping fragments for keep-first targets (Win, BSD, Mac)
     o              overlapping fragments for keep-last targets (Linux, Solaris)
                    Examples: -E H111, -E D
 -m mac-address     if only one machine should receive the RAs (not with -E DoO)
 -i interval        time between RA packets (default: 5)
 -n number          number of RAs to send (default: unlimited)
 -X                 clean up by de-announcing fake router (default: disabled)

Announce yourself as a router and try to become the default router.
If a non-existing link-local or mac address is supplied, this results in a DOS.


thc-ipv6 was written by van Hauser <vh@thc.org> / THC

The homepage for this toolkit is: https://github.com/vanhauser-thc/thc-ipv6


2024-01-27 THC IPv6