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exfat2img - Man Page

dump metadata of an exFAT filesystem


exfat2img [ -o path] [ -V ] device
exfat2img -V


exfat2img dump metadata of exFAT filesystems for debugging. exfat2img dump boot sector, File Allcation Table, Bitmap and all metadata which can reach from root directory.


-o --output

Specify output result file. If filesystem to which output file is written does not support sparse file, you should use '-' in place of path. Because a dump image generated from stdout has a special format, when restoring a partition from it, exfat2img should be used. See Examples.


Prints the version number and exits.


Dump metadata into a sparse file.

$ exfat2img -o sda1.dump /dev/sda1

Dump metadata into standard out and restore a partition
$ exfat2img -o - /dev/sda1 | bzip2 > sda1.dump.bz2
$ bzip2 -dc sda1.dump.bz2 | exfat2img -o /dev/sdb1 -