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ettercap-pkexec - Man Page


ettercap-pkexec — graphical pkexec-based launcher for ettercap

This launcher depends on policykit-1 and the menu packages, and basically wraps the ettercap binary command
with a pkexec action script usually defined on /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.pkexec.ettercap.policy,
allowing users to directly call ettercap from the desktop or menu launcher with root privileges.
The commands available are exactly the same as the ettercap man page.

Please refer to man ettercap for the list of available parameters.
(don't forget to change "ettercap" to "ettercap-pkexec" as caller program).


ettercap-pkexec -G will start ettercap with root privileges and the GTK2 interface.


This code was originally taken from arch distro, and refactored to work with cmake system by
Gianfranco Costamagna (LocutusOfBorg) <costamagnagianfranco@yahoo.it>

Original Authors

Alberto Ornaghi (ALoR) <alor@users.sf.net>
Marco Valleri (NaGA) <naga@antifork.org>

Project Stewards

Emilio Escobar (exfil)  <eescobar@gmail.com>
Eric Milam (Brav0Hax)  <jbrav.hax@gmail.com>

Official Developers

Mike Ryan (justfalter)  <falter@gmail.com>
Gianfranco Costamagna (LocutusOfBorg)  <costamagnagianfranco@yahoo.it>
Antonio Collarino (sniper)  <anto.collarino@gmail.com>
Ryan Linn   <sussuro@happypacket.net>
Jacob Baines   <baines.jacob@gmail.com>


Dhiru Kholia (kholia)  <dhiru@openwall.com>
Alexander Koeppe (koeppea)  <format_c@online.de>
Martin Bos (PureHate)  <purehate@backtrack.com>
Enrique Sanchez
Gisle Vanem  <giva@bgnett.no>
Johannes Bauer  <JohannesBauer@gmx.de>
Daten (Bryan Schneiders)  <daten@dnetc.org>

See Also

etter.conf(5) ettercap_curses(8) ettercap_plugins(8) etterlog(8) etterfilter(8)




git clone git://github.com/Ettercap/ettercap.git
git clone https://github.com/Ettercap/ettercap.git


Our software never has bugs.
It just develops random features.   ;)


- ettercap doesn't handle fragmented packets... only the first segment will be displayed by the sniffer. However all the fragments are correctly forwarded.

+ please send bug-report, patches or suggestions to <ettercap-betatesting@lists.sourceforge.net> or visit https://github.com/Ettercap/ettercap/issues.

+ to report a bug, follow the instructions in the README.BUGS file

Philological History

"Even if blessed with a feeble intelligence, they are cruel and smart..." this is the description of Ettercap, a monster of the RPG Advanced Dungeons & Dragon.

The name "ettercap" was chosen because it has an assonance with "ethercap" which means "ethernet capture" (what ettercap actually does) and also because such monsters have a powerful poison... and you know, arp poisoning... ;)

The Lord Of The (Token)Ring

(the fellowship of the packet)

"One Ring to link them all, One Ring to ping them,
one Ring to bring them all and in the darkness sniff them."

Last words

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rich Cook

Referenced By

ettercap(8), ettercap_curses(8), ettercap_plugins(8), etter.conf(5), etterfilter(8), etterlog(8).