ethfabricinfo - Man Page



Provides a brief summary of the components in the fabric.

ethfabricinfo can be very useful as a quick assessment of the fabric state. It can be run against a known good fabric to identify its components and then later run to see if anything has changed about the fabric configuration or state.

For more extensive fabric analysis, use ethreport. These tools can be found in the Intel(R) Ethernet Fabric Suite FastFabric User Guide


ethfabricinfo [-v] [-q] [-E  file] [-p  planes] [-X  snapshot_input]



Produces full help text.


verbose output


disable progress reports

-E file

Specifies the Intel Ethernet configuration file. Default is /etc/eth-tools/mgt_config.xml.

-p planes

Fabric planes separated by space. Default is the first enabled plane defined in config file. Value 'ALL' will use all enabled planes.

-X snapshot_input

Generates a report using data in snapshot_input file.



ethfabricinfo -X snapshot.xml


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