ethextractlink - Man Page



Produces a CSV file listing all or some of the links in the fabric. ethextractlink is a front end to the ethreport tool. The output from this tool can be imported into a spreadsheet or parsed by other scripts.


ethextractlink [ethreport  options]



Produces full help text.

ethreport options

The following options are passed to ethreport. This subset is considered typical and useful for this command. By design, the tool ignores -o/--output report option.

-X/--infile snapshot_input Generates a report using the data in the snapshot_input file. snapshot_input must have been generated during a previous -o snapshot run. '-' may be used as the snapshot_input to specify stdin.

-T/--topology topology_input Uses topology_input file to augment and verify fabric information. When used, various reports can be augmented with information not available electronically. '-' may be used to specify stdin.

-E/--eth config_file Specifies the Intel Ethernet configuration file. Default is /etc/eth-tools/mgt_config.xml file.

-p plane Name of the enabled plane defined in Mgt config file, default is the first enabled plane.


# List all the links in the fabric:


# List all the links to a switch named "coresw1":

ethextractlink -F "node:coresw1"

# List all the links to end-nodes:

ethextractlink -F "nodetype:NIC"


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