ethallanalysis - Man Page



ethallanalysis command performs the set of analysis specified in FF_ALL_ANALYSIS and can be specified for fabric or hosts.


ethallanalysis [-b|-e] [-s] [-d  dir] [-c  file] [-T  topology_input] [-E  file] [-p  planes]



Produces full help text.


Sets the baseline mode. Default is compare/check mode.


Evaluates health only. Default is compare/check mode.


Saves history of failures (errors/differences).

-d dir

Identifies the top-level directory for saving baseline and history of failed checks. Default is /var/usr/lib/eth-tools/analysis

-c file

Specifies the error thresholds configuration file. Default is /etc/eth-tools/ethmon.conf

-E file

Ethernet Mgt configuration file. The default is /etc/eth-tools/mgt_config.xml.

-p planes

Fabric planes separated by space. The default is the first enabled plane defined in config file. Value 'ALL' will use all enabled planes.

-T topology_inputs

Specifies the name of topology input filenames separated by space. See ethreport for more information on topology_input files.



Environment Variables

The following environment variables are also used by this command:


Top-level directory for baselines and failed health checks.


The ethallanalysis command performs the set of analysis specified in FF_ALL_ANALYSIS, which must be a space-separated list. This can be provided by the environment or using /etc/eth-tools/ethfastfabric.conf. The analysis set includes the options: fabric.

Note that the ethallanalysis command has options which are a super-set of the options for all other analysis commands. The options are passed along to the respective tools as needed. For example, the -c file option is passed on to ethfabricanalysis if it is specified in FF_ALL_ANALYSIS.

The output files are all the output files for the FF_ALL_ANALYSIS selected set of analysis. See the previous sections for the specific output files.


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