ec2-converter - Man Page

ec2-converter, creates ready to bundle EC2 AMI disk images for Amazon's EC2.


ec2-converter [Options]


ec2-converter creates creates ready to bundle EC2 AMI disk images for Amazon's EC2.


-h, ā€‰--help

Shows a help message and exits.

Image Options

These options define the converted EC2 AMI image.


Image filename or directory to convert


Name of EC2 AMI image to be created (default based on config name)


Input image type valid options are: (loopbackfs, diskimage, directory)


Configure ssh to allow remote logins, default is yes,set to no if ssh is not installed


Perform rpm package checks (curl/openssh-server), default is yes, set to no to override

System Directory Options

These options define directories used on your system for creating the AMI image

-t TMPDIR, --tmpdir=TMPDIR

Temporary directory to use (default: /var/tmp)


Cache directory to use (default: private cache)


Convert a partitioned disk image created by appliance-creator

    ec2-converter -f testimage.raw --inputtype=diskimage

Convert a loopback filesystem image

    ec2-converter -f /tmp/testimage.img --inputtype=loopbackfs

Convert a directory containing a root filesystem

    ec2-converter -f /tmp/directory --inputtype=directory


Joey Boggs <>


Report bugs to the mailing list or directly to BugZilla against the Fedora product, and the appliance-tools component.

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