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dscreate - Man Page


dscreate [-h] [-v] [-j] {from-file,interactive,create-template,ds-root} ...

Positional Arguments

dscreate from-file

Create an instance of Directory Server from an inf answer file

dscreate interactive

Start interactive installer for Directory Server installation

dscreate create-template

Display an example inf answer file, or provide a file name to write it to disk.

dscreate ds-root

Prepare a root directory in which non root user can create, run and administer instances.

COMMAND 'dscreate from-file'

usage: dscreate from-file [-h] [-n] file


Inf file to use with prepared answers. You can generate an example of this with 'dscreate create-template'

OPTIONS 'dscreate from-file'

-n,  --dryrun

Validate system and configurations only. Do not alter the system.

COMMAND 'dscreate interactive'

usage: dscreate interactive [-h]

COMMAND 'dscreate create-template'

usage: dscreate create-template [-h] [--advanced] [template_file]


Write example template to this file

OPTIONS 'dscreate create-template'


Add advanced options to the template - changing the advanced options may make your instance install fail

COMMAND 'dscreate ds-root'

usage: dscreate ds-root [-h] root_dir [bin_dir]


A directory that will be used as virtual root.


A directory in which administration wrappers are installed. (Should be in PATH)


-v,  --verbose

Display verbose operation tracing during command execution

-j,  --json

Return the result as a json message


Example of install by a non root user:
   PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH # Should be in .profile
   dscreate ds-root $HOME/mydsroot $HOME/bin
   hash -d dscreate # bash command to insure new dscreate wrapper will be used
   dscreate interactive
   # Note: Make sure to use non priviledged port number (i.e > 1000)


Red Hat, Inc., and William Brown <389-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org>


The latest version of lib389 may be downloaded from http://www.port389.org/docs/389ds/FAQ/upstream-test-framework.html

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2024-06-25 lib389 3.1.0 Generated Python Manual