dracut-shutdown.service man page

dracut-shutdown.service — unpack the initramfs to /run/initramfs


This service unpacks the initramfs image to /run/initramfs. systemd pivots into /run/initramfs at shutdown, so the root filesytem can be safely unmounted.

The following steps are executed during a shutdown:

This ensures, that all devices are disassembled and unmounted cleanly.

To debug the shutdown process, you can get a shell in the shutdown procedure by injecting "rd.break=pre-shutdown rd.shell" or "rd.break=shutdown rd.shell".

# mkdir -p /run/initramfs/etc/cmdline.d
# echo "rd.break=pre-shutdown rd.shell" > /run/initramfs/etc/cmdline.d/debug.conf
# touch /run/initramfs/.need_shutdown


Harald Hoyer

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