dnsspoof - Man Page

forge replies to DNS address / pointer queries


dnsspoof [-i interface] [-f hostsfile]  [expression]


dnsspoof forges replies to arbitrary DNS address / pointer queries on the LAN. This is useful in bypassing hostname-based access controls, or in implementing a variety of man-in-the-middle attacks.


-i interface

Specify the interface to use.

-f hostsfile

Specify the pathname of a file in hosts(5) format. Only one hostname allowed per line (no aliases), although hostnames may contain wildcards (such as *.doubleclick.net).


Specify a tcpdump(8) filter expression to select traffic to sniff.

If no hostsfile is specified, replies will be forged for all address queries on the LAN with an answer of the local machine's IP address.



Sample hosts file.

See Also

dsniff(8), hosts(5)


Dug Song <dugsong@monkey.org>

Referenced By

sshmitm(8), webmitm(8).