dnscrypt-proxy man page

dnscrypt-proxy — A DNSCrypt forwarder


dnscrypt-proxy <config file>

dnscrypt-proxy [<option>, ...]


dnscrypt-proxy accepts DNS requests, authenticates and encrypts them using dnscrypt and forwards them to a remote dnscrypt-enabled resolver.

Replies from the resolver are expected to be authenticated or else they will be discarded.

The proxy verifies the replies, decrypts them, and transparently forwards them to the local stub resolver.

dnscrypt-proxy listens to / port 53 by default.

OPTIONS (ignored when a configuration file is provided)

A public key is 256-bit long, and it has to be specified as a hexadecimal string, with optional columns.

Common Usage Example

$ dnscrypt-proxy /etc/dnscrypt.conf

Common Usage Example Without a Configuration File

$ dnscrypt-proxy --daemonize --resolver-name=...

The resolver name is the first column (Name) in the CSV file.

Bugs and Support

Please report issues with DNSCrypt itself to https://dnscrypt.org/issues

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