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dnfdragora - Man Page

DNFDragora Command Reference


dnfdragora [options] [<args>...]


DNFDragora is a DNF frontend, based on rpmdragora from Mageia (originally rpmdrake) Perl code. It is written in Python 3 and uses libYui, the widget abstraction library written by SUSE, so that it can be run using Qt 5, GTK+ 3, or ncurses interfaces.


-h,  --help

Show help message and exit.


Start using yui GTK+ plugin implementation.


Start using yui ncurses plugin implementation.


Start using yui Qt plugin implementation.


Use full screen for dialogs.


Show updates dialog only.

--group-icons-path <GROUP_ICONS_PATH>

Force a new path for group icons (instead of /usr/share/icons).

--images-path* <IMAGES_PATH>

Force a new path for all the needed images (instead of /usr/share/dnfdragora/images).

--locales-dir <LOCALES_DIR>

Set path to the directory containing localization strings (developer option only).

--install <RPM-Packages …>

Install local rpm packages.


Start a dialog showing only packages to update.


Show application version and exit.


Force dnfdaemon dbus services used by dnfdragora to exit.



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Angelo Naselli and Neal Gompa

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