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dnf5-replay - Man Page

Replay Command


dnf5 replay [options] <transaction-path>


Replay a transaction stored in a directory at <transaction-path>. The transaction directory can be created either by the --store option, available for all transaction commands, or by History Store Command. The replay will perform the exact same operations on the packages as in the original transaction and will return with an error in case of any differences in installed packages or their versions.

To run the replay the transaction directory has to contain a file with the transaction in JSON format named transaction.json. The directory can also contain packages, comps groups or comps environments that will be used used in the replayed transaction.


Don't consider extra packages pulled into the transaction as errors.
They will still be reported as warnings.
Don't consider mismatches between installed and stored transaction packages as errors.
They will still be reported as warnings.
For install actions skip already installed packages.
For upgrade actions skip groups or environments that are not installed.
For remove actions skip not installed packages/groups/environments.
Using this option can result in an empty transaction.
Resolve any dependency problems by removing packages that are causing problems from the transaction.
In case some packages stored in the transaction are not available on the target system,
skip them instead of erroring out.


dnf5 replay ./transaction
Replay a transaction stored at ./transaction.
dnf5 replay ./transaction --skip-unavailable
Replay a transaction stored at ./transaction skipping unavailable packages.


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By

The man page dnf-replay(8) is an alias of dnf5-replay(8).

Jun 26, 2024 dnf5