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dnf5-provides - Man Page

Provides Command


dnf5 provides [global options] <package-spec>...


The provides command in DNF5 finds the packages providing the given <package-spec>. It can match specs by Provides or by filename.


dnf5 provides tito
Outputs which packages provide the command tito.
dnf5 provides /usr/bin/tito
Outputs which package provides the file /usr/bin/tito
dnf5 provides zless
There is no Provides for zless but a package that contains zless exist.
Outputs the package that provides the file /usr/bin/zless

New behavior: if one or more packages are not found by provides DNF5 will now return exit code 1 and list all provides that do not match at the end of the output.

dnf5 provides rpm nonexistent_package
Output provides for rpm and inform in stderr that nonexistent_package
did not match any result.

See Also

dnf5-specs(7), Patterns specification


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By


The man page dnf-provides(8) is an alias of dnf5-provides(8).

Jun 26, 2024 dnf5