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dnf5-offline - Man Page

Offline Command


dnf5 offline <subcommand> [options]


The offline command is used to manage "offline" transactions---transactions that run when the system is booted into a minimal environment. Running a transaction in this stripped-down environment can be safer than running it when the system is booted normally since the transaction is less likely to interfere with running processes.

Offline transactions can be initiated by specifying the --offline flag on any operation (install, upgrade, distro-sync, etc.), or via dnf5 system-upgrade download. Once an offline transaction is initiated, run dnf5 offline reboot to reboot and begin the transaction.

Data for offline transactions is stored under the "system state" directory at /usr/lib/sysimage/libdnf5/offline.


Removes any stored offline transaction and deletes cached package files.
Used to see a list of boots during which an offline transaction was attempted, or show the logs from an attempted offline transaction. The logs for one of the boots can be shown by specifying one of the numbers in the first column with the --number argument. Negative numbers can be used to number the boots from last to first. For example, log --number=-1 can be used to see the logs for the last offline transaction.
Prepares the system to perform the offline transaction and reboots to start the transaction. This command can only be run after an offline transaction is initiated (e.g. by dnf5 system-upgrade download).
Shows the status of the current offline transaction.
Execute the transaction in the offline environment.

For internal use only. Not intended to be run by the user.


--number=<boot number>
Show the log specified by the number. Run dnf5 offline log with --number first to get a list of logs to choose from.
Used with the log subcommand.
The system will power off after the transaction is completed instead of restarting. If the transaction failed, the system will reboot instead of powering off even with this flag.
Used with the reboot subcommand.


dnf5 install --offline hello
Prepares the installation of the hello package as an offline transaction.
dnf5 offline status
Shows the status of the current offline transaction.
dnf5 offline reboot --poweroff
Reboot and run the offline transaction, then power the system off after the transaction is complete.
dnf5 offline log
List boots during which an offline transaction was attempted.
dnf5 offline log --number=-1
View the log from the latest boot during which an offline transaction was attempted.

See Also

dnf5-system-upgrade(8), System-upgrade command


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By

dnf5(8), dnf5-autoremove(8), dnf5-distro-sync(8), dnf5-downgrade(8), dnf5-group(8), dnf5-install(8), dnf5-reinstall(8), dnf5-remove(8), dnf5-swap(8), dnf5-system-upgrade(8), dnf5-upgrade(8).

Apr 03, 2024 dnf5