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dnf5-downgrade - Man Page

Downgrade Command


dnf5 downgrade [options] <package-spec>...


The downgrade command in DNF5 is used to downgrade each package specified in package-spec list to the highest installable version of all known lower versions if possible. When the version is explicitly given in the argument and it is lower than the version of the installed package then it downgrades to this one.


Allow erasing of installed packages to resolve any potential dependency problems.
Resolve any dependency problems by removing packages that are causing problems from the transaction.
Allow skipping packages that are not possible to downgrade. All remaining packages will be downgraded.
Enable downgrade of dependencies when resolving the requested operation.
Disable downgrade of dependencies when resolving the requested operation.
Download the resolved package set without executing an RPM transaction.
Store the transaction to be performed offline. See dnf5-offline(8), Offline command.


dnf5 downgrade nano-0:6.0-2.fc36
Downgrade the nano package to the given version.
dnf5 downgrade gcc glibc --allowerasing
Downgrade gcc, glibc packages and allow erasing of installed packages when needed.

See Also

dnf5-specs(7), Patterns specification


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By


The man page dnf-downgrade(8) is an alias of dnf5-downgrade(8).

Jun 26, 2024 dnf5