dnf5-distro-sync - Man Page

Distro-Sync Command


dnf5 distro-sync [options] [<package-spec>...]


The distro-sync command in DNF5 serves to synchronize the installed packages with their latest available version from any enabled repository. It upgrades, downgrades or keeps packages as needed.

Optional package-spec arguments could be passed to select only specific packages to be synced.


Allow erasing of installed packages to resolve any potential dependency problems.
Force the use of a specific architecture.
See dnf5-forcearch(7) for more info.


dnf5 distro-sync
Sync the whole system to the latest available version of packages.
dnf5 distro-sync vim
Sync the vim package to the latest available version.

See Also

dnf5-specs(7), Patterns specification


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

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