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dnf-torproxy - Man Page

DNF torproxy Plugin


Automatically pass all traffic in the tor network, and abort if tor is not running or blocked, to avoid any kind of identity leak.

However, if there is a specific proxy settings in the configuration, the plugin will not overwrite it, assuming that the user did set it on purpose.



The minimal content of conf file should contain main sections with parameters enabled and strict, otherwise plugin will not work. If the strict parameter is set to True, torproxy plugin will halt DNF in the case of Tor network unavailability.:

enabled = true
strict = false

If you do not want to use the default setup of tor, ie running it on the localhost, you can also specify the port and host of the tor client in a torproxy section like this:

port = 9050
host = tor.example.org


See AUTHORS in your Extras DNF Plugins distribution


Jun 07, 2024 4.1.2 dnf-plugins-extras