dlm_tool man page

dlm_tool ā€” a utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon


dlm_tool [COMMAND] [Options] [ name ]


Display dlm_controld internal lockspace state.

Dump dlm_controld daemon state.

Dump dlm_controld debug buffer.

Dump dlm_controld config settings.

fence_ack nodeid
Quit trying to fence a node.

Dump dlm_controld plock debug buffer.

plocks name
Dump posix locks from dlm_controld for the lockspace.

join name
Join a lockspace.

leave name
Leave a lockspace.

lockdebug name
Complete display of locks from the lockspace.

lockdump name
Minimal display of locks from the lockspace (deprecated).


Show all node information in ls.
0|1 Resource directory off/on in join, default 0
0|1 Exclusive create off/on in join, default 0
0|1 FS (filesystem) flag off/on in join, default 0
-m mode
Permission mode for lockspace device (octal), default 0600
Summary following lockdebug output (experiemental)
Verbose lockdebug output
Wide lockdebug output
Include MSTCPY locks in lockdump output
Print help, then exit
Print program version information, then exit

See Also

dlm_controld(8), dlm.conf(5)

Referenced By

dlm.conf(5), dlm_controld(8), gfs2(5).

2012-04-05 dlm