dirvish-runall man page

dirvish-runall — run a set of dirvish backup jobs.




Run all the jobs specified in the Runall field of the dirvish master configuration file.


Each option may be unambiguously abbreviated.

--config configfile

Read configfile for the Runall: field. By default dirvish-runall will use the Runall: field from the master configuration file.

This will only be used by dirvish-runall itself and not be propagated to the dirvish processes.

See dirvish.conf(5) for more details.

Don't actually do anything. Just display what would have happened.

Run quietly, only report errors.

Normally dirvish-runall will report the dirvish commands invoked with timestamps.

Print the version information and exit.

Exit Codes

To facilitate further automation and integration of dirvish-runall with other tools dirvish-runall provides rationalised exit codes. The exit codes are range based. While the code for a specific error may change from one version to another it will remain within the specified range. So don't test for specific exit codes but instead test for a range of values. To the degree possible higher value ranges indicate more severe errors.

Number of dirvish jobs that failed. If more than 199 jobs failed 199 will be the exit code.
An error was encountered in loading a configuration file.
An error was detected in the configuration.
Incorrect usage.


alternate master configuration file.
master configuration file.

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dirvish(8), dirvish.conf(5).

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