devlink-monitor man page

devlink-monitor ā€” state monitoring


devlink monitor [ all | OBJECT-LIST ]


The devlink utility can monitor the state of devlink devices and ports continuously. This option has a slightly different format. Namely, the monitor command is the first in the command line and then the object list.

OBJECT-LIST is the list of object types that we want to monitor. It may contain dev, port.

devlink opens Devlink Netlink socket, listens on it and dumps state changes.

See Also

devlink(8), devlink-dev(8), devlink-sb(8), devlink-port(8),


Jiri Pirko <>

Referenced By

devlink(8), devlink-dev(8), devlink-port(8), devlink-sb(8).

14 Mar 2016 iproute2 Linux