determine_maximum_mpps - Man Page

Determine the maximum mpps the machine can handle

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later


determine_maximum_mpps [-a cpulist] [-m maxlat] [-n cycles] [-f | -r] [-p priority] [-h]


determine_maximum_mpps will find the maximum mpps parameter which can sustain

1. 10 consecutive 30 second runs.
2. 1 run of 10 minutes.

Without violating the latency specified with $MAXLAT (default 20000)


mpps : million-packets-per-second


-a cpulist

List of processors to run on. The default is processor 0
Numbers are separated by commas and may include ranges. Eg. 0,3,7-11

-m maxlat

Maximum latency in nanoseconds. The default is 20000. If the maximum is exceeded, that run of queuelat quits.

-n cycles

Extimated number of cycles it takes to process one packet. The default is 300


Set the scheduling policy to SCHED_FIFO. This is the default if not specified.


Set the scheduling policy to SCHED_RR.

-p priority

default priority = 1. Valid numbers are from 1 to 99




determine_maximum_mpps was written by
Marcelo Tosatti <>

This man page was written by John Kacur <>


Dec 4, 2020