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dahdi_hardware - Man Page

Shows Dahdi hardware devices.


dahdi_hardware [-v][-x]



Verbose output - show spans used by each device etc. Currently only implemented for the Xorcom Astribank.


Show disconnected Astribank unit, if any.


Show all Dahdi hardware devices. Devices are recognized according to lists of PCI and USB IDs in Dahdi::Hardware::PCI.pm and  Dahdi::Hardware::USB.pm . For PCI it is possible to detect by sub-vendor and sub-product ID as well.

The first output column is the connector: a bus specific field that shows where this device is.

The second field shows which driver should handle the device. a "-" sign marks that the device is not yet handled by this driver. A "+" sign means that the device is handled by the driver.

For the Xorcom Astribank (and in the future: for other Dahdi devices) some further information is provided from the driver. Those extra lines always begin with spaces.

Example output:

Without drivers loaded:

  usb:001/002        xpp_usb-     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
  usb:001/003        xpp_usb-     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
  pci:0000:01:0b.0   wctdm-       e159:0001 Wildcard TDM400P REV H

With drivers loaded, without -v:
 usb:001/002        xpp_usb+     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
 usb:001/003        xpp_usb+     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
 pci:0000:01:0b.0   wctdm+       e159:0001  Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F

With drivers loaded, with -v:
 usb:001/002        xpp_usb+     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
  LABEL=[usb:123] CONNECTOR=usb-0000:00:1d.7-1  
         XBUS-00/XPD-00: FXS      Span 2
         XBUS-00/XPD-10: FXS      Span 3
         XBUS-00/XPD-20: FXS      Span 4
         XBUS-00/XPD-30: FXS      Span 5
 usb:001/003        xpp_usb+     e4e4:1152 Astribank-multi FPGA-firmware
  LABEL=[usb:4567] CONNECTOR=usb-0000:00:1d.7-4  
         XBUS-01/XPD-00: FXS      Span 6 XPP-SYNC
         XBUS-01/XPD-10: FXO      Span 7
         XBUS-01/XPD-20: FXO      Span 8
         XBUS-01/XPD-30: FXO      Span 9
 pci:0000:01:0b.0   wctdm+       e159:0001  Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F

Referenced By

astribank_allow(8), astribank_hexload(8), astribank_tool(8).

2024-01-24 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation