cyclicdeadline - Man Page

This program is used to test the deadline scheduler (SCHED_DEADLINE) using a cyclictest style program


cyclicdeadline [-ha] [-c cpulist] [-i interval] [-s step] [-t nr_threads] [-D duration]


cyclicdeadline is a cyclictest style program for testing the deadline scheduler



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Use all CPUs

-c cpulist

Comma / hypen separated list of CPUs to run deadline tasks on

-i interval

The shortest deadline for the tasks in us. (default 1000us)

-s step

The amount to increase the deadline for each task in us. (default 500us)

-t nr_threads

The number of threads to run as deadline (default 1)

-D time

Specify a length for the test to run
Append 'm', 'h', or 'd' to specify minutes, hours, or days


cyclicdeadline was written by Steven Rostedt <>

This manual page was written by John Kacur <>


January 16, 2020