crmadmin man page

Pacemaker ā€” Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crmadmin command [options]


crmadmin - Development tool for performing some controller-specific commands.

Likely to be replaced by crm_node in the future


-?, --help

This text

-$, --version

Version information

-q, --quiet

Display only the essential query information

-V, --verbose

Increase debug output


-S, --status=value

Display the status of the specified node.

Result is the node's internal FSM state which can be useful for debugging

-D, --dc_lookup

Display the uname of the node co-ordinating the cluster.

This is an internal detail and is rarely useful to administrators except when deciding on which node to examine the logs.

-N, --nodes

Display the uname of all member nodes

-E, --election (Advanced) Start an election for the cluster co-ordinator

-K, --kill=value

(Advanced) Stop the controller (not the rest of the cluster stack) on specified node

Additional Options

-t, --timeout=value

Time (in milliseconds) to wait before declaring the operation failed

-B, --bash-export

Create Bash export entries of the form 'export uname=uuid'


The -K and -E commands are rarely used and may be removed in future versions.


Written by Andrew Beekhof

Reporting Bugs

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November 2019 Pacemaker 2.0.3-1.fc32 System Administration Utilities