crm_verify man page

Pacemaker — Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_verify [modifiers] data_source


crm_verify - Check a (complete) confiuration for syntax and common conceptual errors.

Checks the well-formedness of an XML configuration, its conformance to the configured DTD/schema and for the presence of common misconfigurations.

It reports two classes of problems, errors and warnings. Errors must be fixed before the cluster will work properly. However, it is left up to the administrator to decide if the warnings should also be fixed.


-?, --help
This text
-$, --version
Version information
-V, --verbose
Increase debug output

Data sources

-L, --live-check
Check the configuration used by the running cluster
-x, --xml-file=value
Check the configuration in the named file
-X, --xml-text=value
Check the configuration in the supplied string

-p, --xml-pipe Check the configuration piped in via stdin

Additional Options

-S, --save-xml=value
Save the verified XML to the named file. Most useful with -L


Check the consistency of the configuration in the running cluster:

# crm_verify --live-check

Check the consistency of the configuration in a given file and produce verbose output:

# crm_verify --xml-file file.xml --verbose


Written by Andrew Beekhof

Reporting Bugs

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December 2016 Pacemaker 1.1.16-1.fc26 System Administration Utilities