crm_node man page

Pacemaker — Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_node command [options]


crm_node - Tool for displaying low-level node information


-?, --help

This text

-$, --version

Version information

-V, --verbose

Increase debug output

-Q, --quiet

Essential output only


-C, --corosync

Only try connecting to an Corosync-based cluster


-n, --name

Display the name used by the cluster for this node

-N, --name-for-id=value

Display the name used by the cluster for the node with the specified id

-q, --quorum

Display a 1 if our partition has quorum, 0 if not

-l, --list

Display all known members (past and present) of this cluster

-p, --partition

Display the members of this partition

-i, --cluster-id

Display this node's cluster id

-R, --remove=value

(Advanced) Remove the (stopped) node with the specified name from Pacemaker's configuration and caches

(the node must already have been removed from the underlying cluster stack configuration)

Additional Options

-f, --force    


Written by Andrew Beekhof

Reporting Bugs

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May 2018 Pacemaker 2.0.0-0.1.rc4.fc29 System Administration Utilities