crm_error - Man Page

Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_error [options] -- <rc> [...]


crm_error - display name or description of a Pacemaker error code


Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show output help

Output Options


Specify output format as one of: text (default), xml


Specify file name for output (or "-" for stdout)


Use more highly formatted output (requires --output-as=text)

Application Options

-$,  --version

Display software version and exit

-V,  --verbose

Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)

-n,  --name

Show error's name with its description (useful for looking for sources of the error in source code)

-l,  --list

Show all known errors (enabled by default if no rc is specified)

-X,  --exit

Interpret as exit code rather than legacy function return value

-r,  --rc

Interpret as return code rather than legacy function return value


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors

Reporting Bugs

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January 2024 Pacemaker 2.1.7-4.fc40.2 System Administration Utilities