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crm_diff - Man Page

Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_diff original_xml operation [options]


Compare two Pacemaker configurations (in XML format) to produce a custom diff-like output, or apply such an output as a patch


Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show original XML options


Show operation options


Show additional options

Original XML

-o,  --original=FILE

XML is contained in the named file

-O,  --original-string=STRING

XML is contained in the supplied string


-n,  --new=FILE

Compare the original XML to the contents of the named file

-N,  --new-string=STRING

Compare the original XML with the contents of the supplied string

-p,  --patch=FILE

Patch the original XML with the contents of the named file

Additional Options

-c,  --cib

Compare/patch the inputs as a CIB (includes versions details)

-s, --stdin

-u,  --no-version

Generate the difference without versions details

Application Options

-$,  --version

Display software version and exit

-V,  --verbose

Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)


Obtain the two different configuration files by running cibadmin on the two cluster setups to compare:

# cibadmin --query > cib-old.xml

# cibadmin --query > cib-new.xml

Calculate and save the difference between the two files:

# crm_diff --original cib-old.xml --new cib-new.xml > patch.xml

Apply the patch to the original file:

# crm_diff --original cib-old.xml --patch patch.xml > updated.xml

Apply the patch to the running cluster:

# cibadmin --patch -x patch.xml


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors

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July 2024 Pacemaker 2.1.8-0.1.rc3.fc41 System Administration Utilities