crm_attribute - Man Page

Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


crm_attribute -n <attribute> <command> [options]


crm_attribute - query and update Pacemaker cluster options and node attributes


Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show output help


Show selecting options


Show command options


Show additional options

Output Options


Specify output format as one of: text (default), xml


Specify file name for output (or "-" for stdout)


Use more highly formatted output (requires --output-as=text)

Selecting attributes

-i,  --id=XML_ID

(Advanced) Operate on instance of specified attribute with this XML ID

-n,  --name=NAME

Operate on attribute or option with this name.  For queries, this is optional, in which case all matching attributes will be returned.

-P,  --pattern=PATTERN

Operate on all attributes matching this pattern (with -G, or with -v/-D and -l reboot)

-p,  --promotion=RESOURCE

Operate on node attribute used as promotion score for specified resource, or resource given in OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE environment variable if none is specified; this also defaults -l/--lifetime to reboot (normally invoked from an OCF resource agent)

-s,  --set-name=NAME

(Advanced) Operate on instance of specified attribute that is within set with this XML ID


-D,  --delete

Delete the attribute/option

-G,  --query

Query the current value of the attribute/option. See also: -n, -P

-v,  --update=VALUE

Update the value of the attribute/option

Additional options

-d,  --default=VALUE

(Advanced) Default value to display if none is found in configuration

-l,  --lifetime=LIFETIME

Lifetime of the node attribute. Valid values: reboot, forever

-N,  --node=NODE

Set a node attribute for named node (instead of a cluster option). See also: -l

-t,  --type=SECTION

Which part of the configuration to update/delete/query the option in. Valid values: crm_config, rsc_defaults, op_defaults, tickets

-z,  --utilization

Set an utilization attribute for the node.

Application Options

-$,  --version

Display software version and exit

-V,  --verbose

Increase debug output (may be specified multiple times)

-q,  --quiet

Print only the value on stdout


Add new node attribute called 'location' with the value of 'office' for host 'myhost':

crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --update office

Query the value of the 'location' node attribute for host 'myhost':

crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --query

Change the value of the 'location' node attribute for host 'myhost':

crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --update backoffice

Delete the 'location' node attribute for host 'myhost':

crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --delete

Query the value of the 'cluster-delay' cluster option:

crm_attribute --type crm_config --name cluster-delay --query

Query value of the 'cluster-delay' cluster option and print only the value:

crm_attribute --type crm_config --name cluster-delay --query --quiet


Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors

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November 2022 Pacemaker 2.1.5-0.3.rc3.fc38 System Administration Utilities