corosync-cfgtool man page

corosync-cfgtool — An administrative tool for corosync.


corosync-cfgtool [-i] [IP_address] [-s] [-r] [-l] [-u] [-H] [service_name] [-v] [version] [-k] [nodeid] [-a] [nodeid]


corosync-cfgtool A tool for displaying and configuring active parameters within corosync.


Print basic usage.
Finds only information about the specified interface IP address.
Displays the status of the current rings on this node. If any interfaces are faulty, 1 is returned by the binary. If all interfaces are active 0 is returned to the shell.
Reset redundant ring state cluster wide after a fault to re-enable redundant ring operation.
Load a service identified by "service_name".
Unload a service identified by "service_name".
Display the IP address(es) of a node.
Kill a node identified by node id.
Tell all instances of corosync in this cluster to reload corosync.conf
Shutdown corosync cleanly on this node.

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