corosync man page

corosync ā€” The Corosync Cluster Engine.


corosync [-f] [-P num] [-p] [-r] [-R] [-t] [-v]


corosync Corosync provides clustering infrastructure such as membership, messaging and quorum.



Start application in foreground.


Do not set realtime scheduling.


Set priority of process. Has effect only when -r is not used. Can be ether numeric value with similar meaning as nice(1) or max / min meaning maximal / minimal priority (so minimal / maximal nice value).


Set round robin realtime scheduling with maximal priority (default). When setting of scheduler fails, fallback to set maximal priority.


Do not try to move Corosync to root cpu cgroup. This feature is available only for corosync with libcgroup enabled during the build.


Test configuration and then exit.


Display version and SVN revision of Corosync and exit.

See Also

corosync_overview(7), corosync.conf(5), cpg_overview(3), votequorum_overview(3), sam_overview(3), cmap_overview(3), quorum_overview(3)


Angus Salkeld

Referenced By

corosync-notifyd(8), gfs2(5), votequorum(5).