coreos-installer-install - Man Page

Install Fedora CoreOS or RHEL CoreOS


coreos-installer-install [-h|--help] [-V|--version] [-c|--config-file] [-s|--stream] [-u|--image-url] [-f|--image-file] [-i|--ignition-file] [-I|--ignition-url] [--ignition-hash] [-a|--architecture] [-p|--platform] [--console] [--append-karg] [--delete-karg] [-n|--copy-network] [--network-dir] [--save-partlabel] [--save-partindex] [--offline] [--insecure] [--insecure-ignition] [--stream-base-url] [--preserve-on-error] [--fetch-retries] [DEST_DEVICE]


Install Fedora CoreOS or RHEL CoreOS


-h,  --help

Print help information

-V,  --version

Print version information

-c,  --config-file=path

YAML config file with install options

Load additional config options from the specified YAML config file. Later config files override earlier ones, and command-line options override config files.

Config file keys are long option names without the leading "--". Values are strings for non-repeatable options, arrays of strings for repeatable options, and "true" for flags.  The destination device can be specified with the "dest-device" key.

-s,  --stream=name

Fedora CoreOS stream

The name of the Fedora CoreOS stream to install, such as "stable", "testing", or "next".

-u,  --image-url=URL

Manually specify the image URL

-f,  --image-file=path

Manually specify a local image file

-i,  --ignition-file=path

Embed an Ignition config from a file

-I,  --ignition-url=URL

Embed an Ignition config from a URL

Immediately fetch the Ignition config from the URL and embed it in the installed system.


Digest (type-value) of the Ignition config

Verify that the Ignition config matches the specified digest, formatted as <type>-<hexvalue>.  <type> can be sha256 or sha512.

-a,  --architecture=name [default: x86_64]

Target CPU architecture

Create an install disk for a different CPU architecture than the host.

-p,  --platform=name

Override the Ignition platform ID

Install a system that will run on the specified cloud or virtualization platform, such as "vmware".


Kernel and bootloader console

Set the kernel and bootloader console, using the same syntax as the parameter to the "console=" kernel argument.


Append default kernel arg

Add a kernel argument to the installed system.


Delete default kernel arg

Delete a default kernel argument from the installed system.

-n,  --copy-network

Copy network config from install environment

Copy NetworkManager keyfiles from the install environment to the installed system.

--network-dir=path [default: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/]

Override NetworkManager keyfile dir for -n

Specify the path to NetworkManager keyfiles to be copied with --copy-network.

[default: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/]


Save partitions with this label glob


Save partitions with this number or range


Force offline installation


Skip signature verification


Allow Ignition URL without HTTPS or hash


Base URL for CoreOS stream metadata

Override the base URL for fetching CoreOS stream metadata. The default is "".


Don't clear partition table on error

If installation fails, coreos-installer normally clears the destination's partition table to prevent booting from invalid boot media.  Skip clearing the partition table as a debugging aid.

--fetch-retries=N [default: 0]

Fetch retries, or "infinite"

Number of times to retry network fetches, or the string "infinite" to retry indefinitely.


Destination device

Path to the device node for the destination disk.  The beginning of the device will be overwritten without further confirmation.



Referenced By


coreos-installer 0.17.0